Blockmetry Analytics

Web analytics for ethical marketers.

Measure content performance and user experience without tracking users.

Marketers & analysts

Regain full visibility: One of the integration options Blockmetry offers is unblockable by ad and analytics blockers. Use Blockmetry to regain visibility into traffic hidden due to content blockers.

Measure actual reach: Blockmetry's unblockable analytics mean you measure all of your traffic's content consumption and the full impact of marketing campaigns.

Own your data: You have total ownership of the raw hit-level data from time of collection, because Blockmetry writes measurement records in your databases in real time.

Data protection professionals

Blockmetry allows you to use the GDPR's legitimate interest legal basis for web analytics.

As your data processor, we work with you to properly anonymize the web analytics data stream Blockmetry produces.

The data Blockmetry Analytics produces is stored in databases you control that we cannot read from (because you give Blockmetry write-only access), completely removing the possibility of Blockmetry tracking users across the web.

Website visitor privacy

Web users have legitimate concerns around web tracking. We have the same concerns, and that's why we built Blockmetry!

Blockmetry does not track individual users, does not profile, and it's impossible to follow you around the web using Blockmetry data. All this while still producing high-quality analytics for our business customers.

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