Blockmetry Analytics Recovery

Blockmetry Analytics Recovery recreates analytics data missing due to analytics blocking or because users have disabled JavaScript. The missing data is recreated using Blockmetry’s direct measurements.

Because the data is surfaced in Google Analytics, existing conversion tracking, customer segmentation, and other integrations will work out of the box, but now will include traffic that blocks analytics or has JavaScript disabled.

Blockmetry Analytics Recovery has several features essential for publishers and ecommerce businesses, including:

User data anonymization

Because many users block analytics based on a perception of increased privacy, Analytics Recovery lives up to the spirit of analytics blocking by anonymizing the data prior to sending it to the third-party analytics providers. User privacy is built-in using several techniques, including sending a fake IP address (but accurate country geolocation) and a fake anonymous Client ID to Google Analytics.

Sign up to Blockmetry Analytics Recovery

Analytics Recovery is available to all Blockmetry customers by default. You can sign up to Blockmetry here.