Announcing Blockmetry Analytics Recovery

Note: This announcement is for a service part of the previous version of Blockmetry that is no longer available. We kept it here for archival purposes.

Blockmetry Analytics Recovery regains businesses the analytics data missing due to analytics blocking or because users have disabled JavaScript. The missing data is recreated using Blockmetry’s direct measurements.

How big is the data loss due to analytics blocking? It varies by website and by country (see our Content Blocking Weather Report). For example, for traffic from Germany, analytics blocking increased from 20.9% of pageviews in August 2016 to 23.6% in September 2016. Similarly for UK traffic, analytics blocking jumped from 5.1% of pageviews in August to 7.4% in September.

Regaining visibility with Analytics Recovery

As of today, business owners can regain the missing data using Google Analytics, allowing businesses that use Google Analytics to keep their existing workflows. More third-party analytics providers will be supported in the future.

Blockmetry Analytics Recovery has several features essential for publishers and ecommerce businesses, including:

Because the data is surfaced in Google Analytics, the existing conversion tracking, customer segmentation, and other integrations will work out of the box, but now will include traffic that blocks analytics or has JavaScript disabled.

Balancing user privacy and business needs

Users block analytics based on a perception of increased privacy. Analytics Recovery lives up to the spirit of analytics blocking by thoroughly anonymizing the data prior to sending it to Google Analytics. User privacy is built-in using several techniques, including sending a fake IP address (but accurate country geolocation) and a fake anonymous Client ID to Google Analytics.

We believe this approach balances the visitor’s privacy concerns about third-party analytics providers with the website owner’s needs of understanding which content their users find most valuable.

Sign up to Blockmetry Analytics Recovery

Analytics Recovery is available to all Blockmetry customers by default. You can sign up to Blockmetry here.