Blockmetry: Business insights into content blocking

Note: This is announcement is for the previous version of Blockmetry. We kept it archived here.

Many websites struggle to understand and react to the growing use of content blocking. Although ad blocking is the focus of the industry debate, ad blocking is only one type of the content blocking. Content blocking affects most sites, as it includes analytics blocking and other kinds of content modification by networks and users.

That’s where Blockmetry comes in: it’s a specialist service to directly measure all types of content blocking (really, any failure of content to load) on a website.

Unsurprisingly, the most common Blockmetry integrations measure ad and analytics blocking, as these are the common challenges facing most businesses today. Measurement of other types of content blocking, such as blocking of chat widgets or social media buttons, is also possible.

Data can be segmented by device (mobiles, tablets, and desktop browsers) or country separately (e.g. worldwide iPhone visitors to a website, or all visitors in the UK) or in combination (e.g. Android tablet users in the UK).

Responding to content blocking

Although measurement is the default behavior of Blockmetry, we can work with customers to build a system to react when Blockmetry detects a content blocking user.

Common responses include:

What our customers say

We’ve been extremely fortunate and thankful for a great set of beta testers, and some of them shared their case studies with us. Here is a selection of what they said.

“20% gain in revenue”

Stefan Janson, the founder of, said “I used Blockmetry’s code to show a simple fallback solution when the original ad didn’t load for any reason, which gave a 20% gain in revenue.”

“Definitely time well spent”

Hobart King, owner of, wrote an excellent piece about his experience with Blockmetry and measuring the impact of ad blocking on his website. Blockmetry also identified a surprising rule in common block lists specifically targeting

His summary of being part of the beta test? “Definitely time well spent”.

Signing up to Blockmetry

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