50% ad blocking in Norway, 20% analytics blocking in Germany: Content blocking in August 2016

The Content Blocking Weather Report for August 2016 has just been published, and two countries crossed important milestones.

In general, the data shows an upward trend, but with a mix between growth, flat, and decline in content blocking in different countries and regions. Most notably, Southeast Asia showed small (but real) dips in both ad and analytics blocking compared to the May 2016 Weather Report.

50% ad blocking rate in Norway

Norway becomes the first major ad market in which more than half of pageviews failed to load an ad as expected, showing an ad blocking rate of 50.7%.

To be clear, other smaller countries have also crossed the 50% mark, including Jamaica (52.8%), home of Digicel Jamaica, the first ISP to introduce network-level content blocking.

20% analytics blocking in Germany

Meanwhile in Germany, the analytics blocking rate crossed the 20% mark (20.9% to be precise), making it the first major market where a fifth of pageviews did not load an analytics tag as expected.

Jamaica, again, features as a country whose visitors show high analytics country as it joins Germany with a high analytics blocking rate of 21.8%.

Content Blocking Weather Report in full

See the full Content Blocking Weather Report for August 2016, and compare it to the May 2016 Weather Report.