Blockmetry case studies

We’re very fortunate to have a great selection of customers catering to audiences worldwide. Some of our customers shared their experiences and thoughts about Blockmetry. is one of the internet’s leading websites for earth science news and information for geologists, students, and curious people. Hobart King, owner of and other sites, wrote an excellent piece about his experience with Blockmetry and measuring the impact of ad blocking on his business. His summary? “Definitely time well spent”.

One surprise discovery came from Blockmetry’s automated block list monitoring: It turns out some block lists included rules specifically targeting, leading to hiding of essential content. The fix was easy enough to improve the user experience for even ad blockers.

Brisbane Executive Transfers

The team at Brisbane Executive Transfers a Brisbane based premium transport service were starting to become concerned about why there was such a variance between calls tracked as goals within Google Analytics and actual phone calls tracked by their call tracking software. There had to be a simple enough explanation but we weren’t quite sure where to start as we were still getting a decent volume of calls so it seemed there was something going on with the Google Analytics goals (conversions) being lower than they should be based on call volume.

Investigation: We reached out to the team at Blockmetry to see if there was a chance that users were blocking Google Analytics tracking scripts from working as they should be. We decided to make the investment in Blockmetry to see how many of our visitors were actually blocking Google Analytics so we could start to see if this was the main issue or there was something else happening. We subscribed to Blockmetry for 4 months to get a baseline of data on how many users were blocking the tracking scripts.

Discovery: We found that on average 15% of users were blocking Google Analytics script

Investigation: We looked at the first 4 months of call tracking data and Google Analytics goals for 2016 to see the variance in data between the two platforms. We assumed there might be some variance but we weren’t sure how it might align with Blockmetry.

Discovery: We found that the calls to goals variance was 14.3% during the same period of time.

Conclusion: The Blockmetry insight aligned very closely with the Google Analytics variance so now they know the main reason.

The team at Brisbane Executive Transfers were happy that we were able to use Blockmetry to discover that the variance in numbers was due to our visitors blocking Google Analytics scripts. We would recommend if you are looking for a solution to discover why your Google Analytics numbers don’t match with your leads, phone calls or sales that you speak with the team at Blockmetry.

Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut is a city guide for Beirut, Lebanon. Our audience is a mix of locals and worldwide tourists interested in local information, events, and venues in the city.

Industry studies about ad blocking do not usually include smaller countries such as Lebanon. This means that we did not even have a hint about how often ad and analytics were not loaded by a significant percentage of our audience, and how that affects our revenue and business metrics. We joined the Blockmetry beta in the spring of 2016 to answer these questions.

Setting up Blockmetry was easy and I recommend every content publisher to acquire that important data about their audience because the more relevant data leads to better decisions and planning. used Blockmetry to measure ad and analytics blocking rates, and recover revenue lost due to ad bockers. Stefan Janson, founder of, says, “By using Blockmetry, I could easily see that I had a large number of visitors that blocked ads on my website, or where there was some error loading the ads. During a 2 week period, I used Blockmetry’s code to show a simple fallback solution when the original ad didn’t load for any reason, which gave a 20% gain in revenue.”

Blockmetry was easy to deploy to work with the site’s existing ad networks and analytics, and use as the framework for revenue recovery.

About is one of Swedens largest crowd-sourced websites for collecting information about phone numbers used by telemarketers. Every day, tens of thousands of people use our website directly, or through Asterix servers and mobile applications that use our open API, to avoid spammy phone calls.