Blockmetry accounts: Organizations and properties

Blockmetry accounts are structured as Users, Organizations, and Properties. Here we describe what these mean.

Organizations and Properties

A User creates an Organization, which is the entity that enters into contract with Blockmetry. In most cases, that’s the legal entity such as the company that is the data controller for which Blockmetry is the processor. An Organization owns Properties. A Property is a source of measurements that Blockmetry processes. In most cases, a property is a website, but it could be an app or serverside logs.

Users and roles

A User is the person who has a role for an Organization or a Property. Each user has an account with Blockmetry. The username is the user’s email address. The roles include being an Owner, an Admin, or the person responsible for Compliance such as the DPO. The Organization Owners have the ultimate control of the Organization and its Properties. They can add more users in the different roles to the Organization or the Properties the Organization owns. The User that creates an Organization is the initial Owner of the Organization, and accepts Blockmetry’s Terms of Service on behalf of the Organization.

Blockmery account managers

Blockmetry assigns an account manager for each Organization. They are your first point of contact for any help, questions, and feedback. If you don’t know who your account manager is, please contact us.