Personal Data Auditor

Use Personal Data Auditor for real-time reports on third-party trackers, ads, and scripts on your website.

Understand and document your processors' activities, and comply with the data controller GDPR requirements.

Understand to which countries you export personal data.

Audit your processors

Map where you share personal data: With one simple UX-friendly integration, Personal Data Auditor produces reports about all third-party scripts, ads, trackers, and iframes included on your website.

Audit the prcocessors' processors: Personal Data Auditor deeply analyzes how third-party scripts work to report not on just who appears to be getting your website visitors' personal data, but other companies that help these scripts work (what's sometimes called the sub-processors, like their hosting providers).

Total ownership of your data

Get total data ownership: Choose whether to host the Personal Data Auditor data yourself or let us host it for you. We would host it only under your instructions with strict data retention and governance agreements.

EU-based processing: All our processing is done in EU-based datacenters (currently Ireland), and any export to third countries would only be under your instructions (e.g. to a database you control).

Privacy by design and default

Blockmetry is built to not track users, and Personal Data Auditor is built with extra protections to ensure the audit data cannot be used to identify individuals. Further, we will work with you to customize our processing to ensure any potential issues specific to your website are handled correctly.

More about Personal Data Auditor

Please see this documentation article about how Personal Data Auditor works.

Sign up to Personal Data Auditor

Sign up to Personal Data Auditor

You can sign up to Personal Data Auditor on its own or in conjunction with Blockmetry Analytics.