Blockmetry for privacy professionals

Analytics with privacy by design

The GDPR and proposed ePrivacy Regulations (ePR) enshrine into law the need for clear and transparent processing of personal data. We built Blockmetry with these principles at heart.

Privacy goal

Blockmetry’s overarching goal is to measure marketing and content performance without identifying or profiling users. We do this by simply not having any user identifiers, instead using a privacy pattern called anonymity sets.

Clear data provenance and governance

For all data Blockmetry produces, the source of the data, reason for its collection, how it is processed, and how it is finally stored are clear to all our customers. This transparency is very easy to audit, and supports your compliance efforts. Importantly, the data we produce is yours fully. As the product currently works, we write the final processed data into a database of your choice that we cannot read from - that is, you give us write-only access. Not only does this guarantee we do not use your data to profile visitors across the web, it also guarantees you full own and control your data.

Blockmetry helps you use legitimate interest

The GDPR gives us a handful of legal bases to process personal data. We believe the Blockmetry product, along with your contract with us and your internal data access and governance policies will allow you to use legitimate interest as the legal basis for processing the personal data encountered in web analytics (such as IP addresses).

Records of processing activities

Coming soon: Your organization’s data privacy and compliance professionals will be able to view the records of processing activities. Note that, by definition, the analytics data we produce is a record of processing, but sometimes Blockmetry chooses to not produce a web analytics record (for example for bots). Our upcoming records of processing activities will detail all these decisions.