Sign up to Blockmetry

Thank you for your interest in Blockmetry! To sign up and configure Blockmetry correctly for your website, please answer the following questions.

About you and your website

URL privacy and anonymization

This question does not apply to all websites and you can configure it later.

Some URLs can personally identify a visitor, and Blockmetry should anonymize such URLs.

Example include account URLs that contain the username but are accessible only if the user is logged in. Some common URL formats:


Blockmetry can anonymize these URLs, by replacing the actual personal information with generic text. For the examples above, we can configure Blockmetry to rewrite all account URLs to:


If you answered yes, please give examples here:

Measurement integration/instrumentation

You can add Blockmetry to your site in several ways. Please select your preferred option.

We can discuss the options in more detail during our follow-up call.

All options will transfer data encrypted using HTTPS.

Ignored IP addresses

Blockmetry can ignore requests from specific IP addresses or IP address ranges. For example, these could your office/company IP addresses, or your automated testing infrastructure. You can specify these now, and you can add, modify, or remove them later.

This is optional. Add the IP addresses to ignore below or just leave it blank.

Data storage

You own the data Blockmetry produces, and we need to know where you would like Blockmetry to save your data. This is a data store or database under your control, and you produce your own reports/dashboards.

We will ask you about the authentication details (e.g. the database's username and password) later.