Blockmetry for website visitors

We actually care about your privacy

Blockmetry is built from scratch so that the data it outputs cannot identify you or profile you. To rephrase, Blockmetry and its customers care about the content consumed, what content is consumed and how, not who consumed the content.

Our privacy policy describes our commitment to privacy. We actually want you to read it; please do!

No tracking of individuals: Anonymity sets

Instead of tracking you (through a unique identifier like a cookie ID or a device fingerprint), Blockmetry assigns your browser to a group of browsers that share technical specs. This group of browser is called an anonymity set.

The resulting web analytics data Blockmetry produces is not “user ID 123” visited the site, but “someone from anonymity set ABC” visited the site.

IP addresses, honoring Do Not Track

To be clear, in addition to not using unique identifiers, Blockmetry does not store your IP address. The IP address is used for combating bots and to geolocation, but is discarded once this is complete.

If your browser is configured to send a Do Not Track (DNT) header, Blockmetry does not geolocate the IP address. The measurement is marked as coming from an unknown country.

Content analytics, not people analytics

So what does Blockmetry measure? It’s focused on content, not people consuming the content.

Blockmetry measures which pages are viewed, where the traffic came from, the browser type and version, and how fast the pages load. In the process, Blockmetry discards a lot of the data received from your browser, and what’s left is normalized and anonymized.

This combats the possibility of inadvertently fingerprinting your browser, and makes it extremely difficult to identify your browsing pattern even if the Blockmetry data is combined with other data.

No cross-site tracking

In addition to using anonymity sets, Blockmetry guarantees that the same browser will be assigned to a different anonymity set for each of our customers. This means there is no cross-site tracking if you visit websites from multiple customers.

By blocking the possibility of tracking you individually across websites, Blockmetry cannot profile your online behavior.